Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants in 2017 ranking is out, and 26 out of 100 restaurants are in Montreal! I thought it would be nice to try them out! I’m aiming to try one or two restaurants per month so this will take a while… 🙂 I will update this list as we go.

Montreal's best restaurants

The list should be read from left to right, top to bottom.

  • Hoogan et Beaufort
  • Jun I
  • Park
  • Damas
  • Candide
  • Impasto
  • Le Filet
  • Europea
  • Le Club Chasse et Pêche
  • Les Deux Singes de Montarvie
  • Le Mousso
  • Larry's
  • Le Serpent
  • Les 400 coups
  • Haven't tried it yet
  • Tested!

Have you tried any of them? Any favorites?

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