Are you looking to invest in real estate? If so, don’t forget the welcome tax (duties on transfers of immovables)!

Duties on transfers of immovables are amounts that are payable when the right of ownership on a property is transferred. The buyer is responsible for paying these duties.

Figure out how to calculate Montreal welcome tax with this quick calculator. Simply enter the property value (refer to basis of imposition to know the value!).

Welcome Tax Calculator

Total fees: $0

Calculation details:

$0 * 0.5% $0
$0 * 1.0% $0
$0 * 1.5% $0
$0 * 2.0% $0
$0 * 2.5% $0

On that part of the basis of imposition


Which does not exceed $50,000


Which is in excess of $50,000 but does not exceed $250,000


Which is in excess of  $250,000 but does not exceed $500,000


Which is in excess of  $500,000 but does not exceed $1,000,000


Which exceeds $1,000,000


The last update is: November 2017. Make sure to double check regulations to avoid surprises.

Basis of imposition

Source: Montreal City official website

The basis of imposition corresponds to the greater of the following three amounts:

  • The amount that was actually paid for the transfer of the immovable (not including the GST and the QST)
  • The amount of the consideration stipulated for the transfer of the immovable (generally the amount shown on the deed of sale)
  • The amount of the market value at the time of the transfer of the immovable (value entered on the property assessment roll multiplied by the comparative factor of the transfer’s fiscal year).

If you’re interested, here’s the codepen for the calculator.

See the Pen Calculate Welcome Tax in Montreal by Karine (@kawiinette) on CodePen.

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