Hello dear reader, friend, random visitor, stalker (?), welcome to my blog reboot! I’ve had a personal site/blog for years, ever since I started making websites in the early 00’s. The previous iteration of my blog was started 8 years ago when I was in my early twenties and leaving France for Korea. It continued through my first three years in Canada. I liked many aspects of the site, it allowed me to have a personal project to code but also keep memories of things I do/see. Needless to say, now getting dangerously close to my thirties, I think it’s time for tabula rasa so I reset my site. I don’t really need all those old articles lurking around (I did a backup though) and my old photos are all on Flickr. I want to focus more on writing about what interests me nowadays, about my experiences realizing I am “adulting”. That should be a big topic for future posts. There are many things I did in the past couple of years that I wanted to write/talk about but never really got to it. Hopefully, this will change. I also chose to do the English-only (even though my English is not perfect and not my mother tongue) as opposed to bilingual because 1) when I’m on a computer my natural language is English, 2) translating everything to French takes a long time. There will probably be the occasional post in French about topics where I’m more comfortable expressing myself in French. After all, I live in Canada where there are 2 official languages! In fact, I’ll write in whatever language I feel like. Without further ado, to celebrate the reboot and also my permanent residency, I invite you to read about the long process that led to it. Thanks for reading!

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