Christmas break is approaching fast! Here are a few mobile games to keep you busy. I’ve played most of them in the list, except some I bought recently during Thanksgiving sales. Note: I really like puzzle games 🙂

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

I’ve written an in-depth article about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I’m so glad this is out before Christmas break! There’s currently a Christmas event in-game so don’t wait! You can craft special items, like a Christmas tree. Yey!

Get Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Mini Metro

I bought this on sale during Thanksgiving break but I haven’t played it yet. The concept is to build the most efficient subway system for a given city. I’ve heard good reviews of it and I can’t wait to test!

Download Mini Metro

Hidden Folks

This is like a modern “Where’s Wally?”*. It’s really fun and pretty difficult! Don’t play this with sound if you don’t like mouth noises!

Wally, Waldo, or Charlie depending on your country haha

Download Hidden Folks


It’s free so go download it! It says “think outside the box” and this can’t better describe the game. Each square on the screen is a puzzle and the only way to solve the puzzle is by a series of actions using the environment in real life or the iOS UI. Most of the time, you don’t even need to touch the screen to solve the puzzle. It’s really original and unlike any other game.

Download using this link to give me free hints!

Lara Croft Go

This is worth the couple of dollars it costs! It’s also the game that made me love playing on the phone. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is super simple, there are many levels to keep you busy for hours and side quests (hidden artifacts to collects in the levels) for the perfectionists. Even the soundtrack is nice.

Download Lara Croft Go

Monument Valley series

The first one is over two years old now but it’s so worth it. It’s beautiful and original (though other games have been released on the same “impossible architecture”/”Möbius strip” concept now). I’m glad a second game is out and I can’t wait to play it during Christmas break! It’s actually on discount at the time of writing (around Thanksgiving) so maybe get it asap!

Download Monument Valley

Framed series

Really fun and original game but unfortunately, I find them quite short. I bought Framed 2 because it was on sale. It can be finished in an evening/afternoon.

Download Framed

The Room series

The Room is one of the very first puzzle game I played on my phone and I love this series. I think The Room 3 is the longest of the series with puzzles in puzzles. I think the story doesn’t make much sense but the levels are beautiful and I like the scary-ish ambiance. If you like tinkering with things, you should like this game.

Download The Room

Lumino City

I played Lume before and I was sad it was so short. The wait was worth it, Lumino City looks great! I played this game on iPhone but I wish I tried it on iPad because the game is so beautiful. The “how it was done” video is very interesting to watch: the entire game is handmade from cardboard and miniatures.

Get Lumino City

The Wolf Among Us

I bought the Telltale collection on Steam and I’m usually a fan of those games. It’s too bad the Steam license doesn’t work on iOS. I re-bought the season pass for the mobile version. I really liked the characters and the story was captivating.

Get The Wolf Among Us


This one I played on the iPad! It’s a bit difficult to get into the game because the teenagers’ dialogues are a bit annoying, but you quickly get absorbed by the story. To be honest, it made me jump a few times and I even stopped the game because I was scared of continuing, haha. Recommend!

Get Oxenfree

Kami 2

Quick puzzle game ideal for commuting. I played this a lot during my Japan trip on the train 🙂

Download Kami 2

Duel Otters

Mini-games that play on a single screen. Fun for quick challenges.

Download Duel Otters

Beneath the lighthouse

This game is played by rotating your phone and guiding your character through a series of tunnels. I’ve only managed to do a few levels, it’s so frustrating! But it’s fun 🙂

Get Beneath the Lighthouse in the App Store

Heads up

We played this with my family last Christmas and it was so fun. Someone holds the phone over their forehead, and others try to make them guess the word on the screen. Meanwhile, the phone records it all.

Get Heads up in the App Store


This was recently free on the Appstore. The graphics are nice and the puzzles are not too complicated. It’s a point and click puzzle game, but every time something is clickable, there’s a sign on it, so I think this makes the puzzle a bit easier. Still a super cute game!

Download LoveYouToBits

To the Moon

The game was nice but a bit repetitive. A cute little love story, I finished it in one evening.

Download To the Moon on the App Store

The Trail

Play online with other players. Travel to the west and settle down in your town. Be careful to keep your energy levels high though because if you collapse, other travelers can steal all your stuff!

Download The Trail

What are the games you’re going to play? 😬

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