I was really looking forward to eating at Montreal Plaza because it’s in Plaza St Hubert, an area I like in Montreal. Also, I booked this one for my birthday!

I’m sad to say that I was very disappointed, especially after trying all those other good restaurants in the past weeks.

Long story short: the food was good, slightly overpriced but the bad service totally spoiled our experience.

The service was terrible: we had a reluctant waiter

My first annoyance was that the menu was enigmatic and offered little description. Usually when this happens in fine-dining restaurants, the waiters come and explain the menu. It took at least 10 minutes before someone came to check on us, and when he came, he was very very reluctant to give any sort of explanation of the menu. It was like we were annoying him.

He told us to order 4-5 dishes to share. He didn’t explain that the different items on the menu were all different portions too. For example, one item we ordered, the “sundae” was a tiny bit of raw fish. It’s seriously a very small portion, it could be an amuse-bouche. It was still priced 12$CAD (the price wasn’t on the menu for this item).

The waiter didn’t even explain the 80$/person “menu to share” to us. So we didn’t bother ordering it. The menu was cryptic, the waiter was reluctant to explain, and he also didn’t ask for any allergy we may have. Interestingly, while reading the Google reviews for Montreal Plaza, that same waiter (Alexandre) was already flagged for bad service in one review.

Montreal Plaza
The Sundae: 12$ for a scoop of raw tuna and salmon? :/
Montreal Plaza
20$ for a small slice of Saumon Confit…

We waited forever

Then, the wait time was so bad. We received 2 out of 4 dishes, then waited and waited and waited. A table of two arrived while we were eating, and they received their food before we got our 2 last dishes. The waiters didn’t bother come tell us anything (i.e. sorry for the wait? it’s coming soon?)

Montreal Plaza
Champignon + Fromage
Montreal Plaza
25$ for the Cavatelli Poulet

Montreal Plaza

It was a poor experience for a birthday 🙁 The place was quite loud too… At least, the dessert to share was a good deal. At 20$, it was enough for at least 3 person. Otherwise, all the other dishes were too pricey for the size of the portions, in my humble opinion.

It’s really a bummer, the food was good and I can get over the overpriced portions, but the service really spoiled everything for us.

Montreal Plaza
6230 St Hubert St, Montreal, QC H2S 2M2
(514) 903-6230

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