Goodfood grocery delivery

Ever since we moved into our grown up apartment, we’ve been struggling to cook. We tried meal planning but ideas run out fast and we never know what to eat. We also don’t really enjoy cooking that much, especially if it takes a long time and involves a lot of dishes so it’s difficult to find recipes that are quick and easy and healthy and appealing to us. (Maybe we’re difficult)

After weeks of ordering too much takeouts, I’ve decided to try Goodfood, and I love it! The concept is simple: each week, you receive a box with all the ingredients needed to do a few recipes (it depends on your subscription). I chose 3 recipes per week, for 2 people. That costs 65$ (~11$ per person per meal) so it’s a bit more expensive than regular groceries (plus, I get points and cash back on regular groceries). I must say though that the portions they send are quite large: though we ordered for 2, we often had friends over to share the meal and with a few additional items, we managed to make the recipes fit for 4.

Each week, there are 7 recipes to choose from, and always vegetarian option. You can also choose to skip the week. We like this because it makes everything so much simpler: we don’t need to think about what we want to eat, we just choose from the 7 options, and we don’t need to do the groceries, they will send the exact amount of ingredient we need.

The deliveries are always on time, the ingredients are always super fresh. Everything looks perfect and pretty! My one worry is the amount of plastic used to pack things, but apparently they’re all recyclable. One other thing: if someone is not tech-savvy they may not know that they need to go to their delivery calendar and skip weeks when they don’t want deliveries.

We found that one delivery per month is what works best for us, and if we need more than one delivery, we can change it any time. I love that the recipe are always pretty simple, and easy to learn to reproduce. I think Goodfood is better than a cooking class to be honest!

Anyway if you want to give this a try, here’s a referral link for a 40$ credit!