Le Petit Four 르쁘띠푸

I've noticed it last year already, and I'm so glad it's still here this year! What catches your eyes in this patisserie is the poop-shaped cake! Like many asians, I've had a fascination for poop-shaped things since young (I used to draw a poop to sign). And because of my name, all my closest friends call me "kk" (pronounced kaka, caca), which also means "poop" in French. I know it's not really glamourous but I like it. :D

"Petit Caca" is only 3,800 wons! The "Grand Caca" is available at 20,000 wons. I haven't tasted everything yet but they also have Wasabi Ice Cream (yukk, I tried it in Japan, it tastes horrible!) and other original creations. Ah, they also have macarons!

What about taste? I didn't expect anything special and cakes are often prettier than they taste here so I was surprised it tasted pretty good! Lot of cream but there is a layer of fruits "paste" so it's not too "heavy". I couldn't finish it in one go by myself. It should be enough for two small eaters. :) If you're looking for unexpensive patisseries in Hongdae, I recommend it!

Le Petit Four website

How to get there? Hongdae exit 5 (or 9 now), go to the main street leading to Hongik University, go past KB bank and you'll see an Haagen Dazs shop, and some kind of galleria, go to the first floor, le Petit Four is near! :)


  1. sun 24 July 2011 at 23:32:07

    juste pour dire que j'ai trouvé ce magasin un peu par hasard grace à ton article! donc merci! lol
    sinon j'ai testé un peu tout les macarons et personnellement je les trouve pas extra, un peu trop sucré à mon gout... je sais pas si c'est du fait main ou industriel ou du importé de france (industriel de france ou fait main de france lol)
    enfin bon voilà, si jamais tu as d'autre adresse pour des pâtisserie, je suis tout ouie ;)

    • Karine 26 July 2011 at 14:37:56

      Salut ! J'ai posté sur d'autres patisseries à Hongdae ici http://darineko.com/tag/patisserie Chocolatyum fait des macarons pas mal :) J'ai jamais goûté ceux de Petit four par contre!

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