Outback Steakhouse Myeongdong

I tried to go back to the 뜰안의 작은 행복 restaurant for my last evening in Korea but it was closed so we went to an Outback Steakhouse nearby instead. We ordered a bottle of wine, two appetizers and two steaks, and we had a hard time choosing because everything looked quite appetizing! :D

After the waiter brought the bottle, some bread and the two appetizers, I was worried that they brought the steaks too fast, since we had so much to eat.

We finished eating and after a while, the waiter brought us the bill. It was a little strange to receive the bill in the middle of the meal but we didn’t think twice and we kept waiting for the steaks. After 30 minutes, we went to ask the waiter to discover that they forgot all about the steak (despite handing us the bill with both steaks on it). I was so disappointed T^T