A super good sushi bar in Seoul! It’s near the Pagoda building on the Cheonggyecheon. We were a little unfortunate when we went there because a belt was closed and thus we had to wait quite a long time to get a table.

It’s not exactly like the sushi bars I visited in Japan, because you have to order the tea and the miso soup (it’s not available directly on the table).

The sushi are quite expensive! The cheapest plate is at 1700 krw and it goes up to 2700+. The cheapest ones weren’t great, my favorite are the Salmon with cheese & basil, at 2200 krw.

Each table has a name and when you make a specific order on the touch screen, special plates with your table name will arrive on the belt. You are warned that your order will be there soon when it’s close to your table! Kind of fun.

Again, I was too focused on eating and didn’t take a lot of pictures...