Better writer

I was never really good at writing essays at school. For example, I collect notebooks, I don't write in them. I wish I could write longer posts, but I am just lazy. For me, pictures do the talk. I throw in a bunch of pictures linked to words and thoughts in my head except that I don't write the words. Actually, is it just laziness or am I being shy? Having a blog is like exposing yourself, if you decide to make it public on the web, you can't really control who reads it. Why not a private blog then? I still want to share, there are some things that I am more comfortable with a stranger knowing them than my closest friends/family. I know this is a weird side of me, but I blame it on my parents. I didn't grow up with them and even though I love them, I developped that kind of shyness around people I love. It can be so frustrating sometimes! Also, a lot of people don't know that I have a website and don't even know that I can actually code.

No, I am not schizophrenic nor deceitful, I don't lie, I just don't tell. When I started learning how to create websites, I was around 10-11 and that's like the beginning of "adolescence". I didn't want the other kids to brand me as the weird/geek/whatever. I didn't realize it was cool, haha. Now, most of the people know since I've been making money with this but I don't get down to the specifics.

Wow I don't know how that became a boring self-questioning post! ^^ Anyway, I am aware that pictures are not enough if I want this website to have a "soul", so I will force myself to actually write in my photo posts! I don't want to be a journalist nor a pro writer, just sharing more accurately my experiences will be good enough. :)


  1. sun 12 September 2011 at 04:18:43

    jute pour dire que j'aime beaucoup ton blog! j'y trouve plein de bonnes adresses etc :p
    je sais bien que la motivation et les raisons pour faire un bog différent chez tout le monde, certains font ça comme si c'était un journal intime, d'autres aiment bien avoir un "retour" à leurs articles etc, (échanges de commentaires etc), bref, y a tellement de raison!
    quoi qu'il en soit sache que je suis abonné à ton flux rss, et que je reviendrai te lire à chaque mise à jour kkkk
    (faudrait que je fasse un blog aussi mais trop la flemme lol)

    • Karine 16 September 2011 at 02:11:27

      Merci :D Contente que les adresses te plaisent, il faut que je poste plus souvent mais pas le temps là... ><

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