Back to school apps

I am not a student anymore but September always feels special because of school! And I've closed this chapter of my life for a while: I've archived all the documents from my school years on Google Drive! Anyway this post is about apps, not about my closure. :)

I am currently testing a few apps to be more healthy (haha like we need an app for that now) and more productive, or at least, get things done!


You must have heard about Mailbox, the revolutionary mail app that Dropbox bought, and that made people wait weeks to get access. Swipes is the same, but for todos. While Mailbox didn't convince me (I'm not drown in emails and my mailbox which needed sorting was mostly in Korean and asian languages, which Mailbox didn't support), I must say that I quickly felt really motivated by Swipes. I hate signing up for todos apps, but well, I just registered this time. So far, I'm happy! I like the fact that it's extremely simple (scheduled tasks, tasks and done tasks), and the gestures are really simple too. It's straight to the point. Other apps like the popular Clear are also simple and intuitive but I don't want to create lists. I want to know what I should do next and snooze it if I don't want to do it yet. Swipes allows me to do that. My advice if you use Swipes is to not hesitate and write a lot of tasks with reminders. I like seeing all the tasks of the next few days all listed. When it's time to get things done, you have a notification and the task moves to current tasks. A premium version is coming soon but I don't think I'll need it! I don't want to make things more complicated/clustered. Ok, what I'd love would be an integration with BaseCamp because I really need it! :D Anyway, I have installed a ton of todo apps over the past two years and Swipes is the one I've used the longest and motivates me the most!


This is what I use to track time spent on projects. I haven’t tested other time tracking app yet but ATracker does its job and more importantly, it lets you export CSV. With a little interface improvement it’d be a perfect app!


Human is a promising app. The idea is that you need to move more than 30 minutes every day. It tracks your movements and gives you a high five if you move at least 30 minutes (running, biking, walking, etc). It does a great job with the detection! You only need to keep your phone in your pocket. The feature I'm waiting for is to add activity. It's depressing when you work from home or cafés because well... You don't have any activity, you're always stationary! I think it was released recently so I'm sure the app has a lot of improvements coming!


I've never tried the 7-minute workout but I would have if I knew it was so funny! I know I’m not going to become super skinny with this method but it’s nice to keep my muscles active, especially when I work sitting all day. Workout is a fun app with a nice design.