Best iOS6 jailbreak tweaks

The iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 4S and 5 has finally been released! I know I’m a little late but I just wanted to add my 2 cents about the cool Cydia tweaks.

So this is why I finally updated my iPhone to iOS 6:

- AdBlocker: it works like a charm and does exactly what it says. It can even block ads in ad-supported apps, and doesn’t need a respring after you change the settings.

- BlurriedNCBackground: purely aesthetic, I prefer a transparent notification center.

- Callbar: never let a call disturb you again, instead of taking up the whole screen, an incoming call will be displayed as a notification.

- Dashboard X: notification center widgets on your homescreen! This combined with NCSettings is great.

- f.lux: avoid getting your eyes burnt by the screen luminosity in the dark. iOS version of the famous desktop app.

- Infinifolders: folders no longer limited to 12 apps.

- LowPowerBanner: instead of an alert, you have a notification banner when your battery is low.

- NCQuickDismiss: close your notifications banners quickly.

- NCSettings: one of the top 3 tweaks I can’t live without.

- Unfold: purely aesthetic, unlocks your iPhone with style.

- Winterboard: install, tweak themes. My favorite theme is Jaku but ayecon is not bad.

- FolderCloser: ever opened an app in a folder, quit, and have to close the folder to access other apps? FolderCloser automatically closes the folder after you launch an app.

- ManualCorrect: correct your spelling only when you tapped on the word.

- SwipeSelection: this is genius and I hope Apple implements it in their next versions.

- xCon: Some apps are not working after jailbreak (like Skype), just install xCon.