Booq Mamba Daypack review

I recently went on a shopping spree! Reviewing the Booq Mamba Daypack in this post :)

When I was a student, I've always had super large handbags so that my 13" MacBook could be carried with notebooks and other school things. The contents of my bags were never girly, no make up, no mirror, nothing really, except for my laptop and wallet. It was a white MacBook at the time. The damages were… bad. It was all scratched because I carried it with a lot of junk.

When I was working in Korea, I bought a 15" MacBook and no handbag was big enough to carry it so I received a computer bag as a graduation gift from my mom. When I had to commute with my laptop, I slowly stopped using handbags. A 15" MacBook Pro was heavy enough to carry through the subway crowd. No need for another bag.

In 2014, I want to be more mobile and be able to move around with all my tech things by myself. After using messenger bags/shoulder bags for years, I’ve decided to acknowledge that though they look much better than backpacks, they are so bad for your back. This is how I got a backpack for my laptop! I’ve actually never thought I’d buy a backpack to carry my laptop…

I was considering the Eastpak Floid model because I wanted something small and thin (and short since I’m pretty short myself!), but since I occasionally go on weekends/short trips, I’ve decided to get a bigger model. After a lot of googling, I stumbled upon the Booq Mamba Daypack! Fell in love with the design: super simple, no zippers everywhere, only one front pocket, and extra space if you need to carry a small change of clothes. Carries a MacBook, an iPad and accessories! It’s lightweight and very well padded. Also, even if it’s empty, the backpack doesn’t lose its shape. One may say that this is a disadvantage but I like that my things inside don’t risk to be crushed. The MacBook Pro retina fits perfectly inside, it’s thinner than a regular MacBook so there is some extra space.

The bag feels very comfortable, it’s very light and it doesn’t feel like I am carrying anything! The robust linings saved me one night… I was on my first trip with my backpack in Paris, taking the subway and two guys tried to steal the contents of my bags but the sides being so “hard” they didn’t manage to take anything. Yay Paris subway! Please be careful with your belongings there…

I am VERY happy with the bag so far! The images are from Booq, I didn't manage to take decent pictures of the backpack, but some customer images can be found on this article (in Korean though).