Bose QuietComfort® 25

Let’s be honest: I didn’t need noise cancelling headphones at all. I work from home, my roommates are not there during the day, my current neighborhood is super quiet, and though I probably fly more often than the average during a year, it doesn’t justify getting noise cancelling headphones. Besides, when I occasionally work from coffee shops, it’s to hear the ambient noise.

Honest fact #2: I know nothing about headphones sound quality, noise cancellation, etc. I just read a ton of reviews, so you probably should read them too. This is just my newbie personal opinion :)

For years, I’ve used Apple earphones and they’ve worked great for me, fits perfectly in my ears, good sound, microphone to take calls, etc. I’ve used my Urbanears for a while as well, but I couldn’t keep them on my head all day: it hurt too much!

Then recently, for some reason I became obsessed with getting noise cancelling headphones. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea myself. All the reviews pointed to the Bose QuietComfort 25. I didn’t want in-ear headphones and I didn’t want to get big gamer style headphones either, that’s just… not fashionable :P I liked how simple the Bose model looked. I went to BestBuy to try them on, it was so comfortable on my head, they feel very light! And the noise cancellation was like magic! It was my first time trying on this kind of headphones. The sound around me suddenly disappeared (it was Best Buy during Black Friday!) and all I heard was voices.

Fast forward two weeks, I decide to get them, it’s a bit pricey but it’ll be my gift to myself for my birthday! I get the limited edition at the Apple Store, because I like the black & gold color. My second choice would have been the black & blue one. I don’t like the white too much and the full black model would be too much black on my head (I have very thick black hair).

I try them on in a nearby coffee shop: magic again!! I don’t hear anything except people next to me talking, and even then, their voice is reduced as well. This feels super weird. I wouldn’t walk in the streets or do any movement with the noise cancellation on, too dangerous? The headphones are super comfortable, I can almost forget I have headphones on. One strange thing though, when I have noise cancellation on, I feel like my ears are plugged. It’s really faint but still noticeable enough to be disturbing. I think this is because I’m not used to it yet…? I tested it again in the evening and it didn’t feel as bad as in the coffee shop.

The headphones come with a carrying case, that’s pretty cool. Oh and also an airline adapter. I can’t wait to test this on a plane!

Also, this is not a wireless headphone, I’m not fond of wireless things anyway. It has everything to replace my default Apple earphones: a mic to take calls and a remote, similar to the one found on Apple’s. Random comment: I really like the smell of the headphones. They smell like clean plastic. I hope my greasy hair and face won’t make the smell fade away too fast. Alright, I’ll stop being weird now.

I will probably keep using my Apple earphones when going to the gym (they always stay in my ears and don’t bother me if I run, I can’t imagine myself running with headphones on…? Haven’t tried though) but I will certainly always use this when travelling or working. If your budget allows it and you need noise cancellation, it’s a thumbs up recommendation!

Update: I took the plane with these and it was amazing! Super comfortable and quiet!