Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain

I haven’t read a lot of reviews before getting a fountain, I must admit I went for the most popular and in the cheap end of the spectrum (32$). I also chose it because my cat likes to drink from the toilet and the faucet, so I thought the design would attract her. I got the fountain because my cat doesn’t drink a lot from her water bowl and also because I am going to be away for two weeks and didn’t want to bother my friend with the changing of the water (she already has to feed her and clean the litter box).

So how’s that fountain? I must say I am very satisfied. I notice her drinking more often, I almost have to re-add water everyday :) I don’t know if the water filter really is efficient but in all case, she was drinking directly from the faucet before so it can only be an improvement. One other good point of that fountain is that it’s pretty quiet. It does buzz a bit but I’ve placed it in my room and it’s not bothering my sleep at all. A friend got another fountain, more expensive, and not only the water splash was noisy, but it annoyed the cats enough that they wouldn’t drink from it. A+ purchase, not too expensive and it works! Approved by Arya!