Dyson DC61 Animal Handheld vacuum

Alright... you know you’re getting old when you get excited about buying a vacuum. And you review it. Sigh. Earlier this year I got my cat back from my parents, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long with the Scotch Brite pet hair roller. My parents got the Dyson Animal Stick Vacuum DC62AN and it looked pretty cool. I wanted a handheld wireless vacuum mostly to use on the bed, sofa and clothes. I like the Dyson because it is also (kind of) a design object, but to be honest, after using it, my opinion is the same as my dad’s: they’re too expensive.

Reviews always critic the battery life, but as I only clean my bed and a bit around my room with it, I haven’t really suffered from the 20-minute battery, I’ve never ran out of juice in the middle of vacuuming. I recharge it after every use. I’d say that maybe the bin is a bit too small, I need to empty it approximately every 2 uses, even though the vacuumed area is so small. Don’t expect to vacuum a floor with this, it’s only for spot areas.

The mini motorized tool for the mattress works pretty well, removes most of my cat’s hair (though I often use the power mode to really get rid of everything), I use it exclusively on the mattress. I leave the vacuum under my bed so that it’s easy to plug to recharge and easy to reach when I want to use it. I vacuum my bed to get rid of cat hair almost every evening (my cat stays in bed all day and leaves quite a lot of hair behind). I use the crevice tool to vacuum around her litter box, and the combination tool to vacuum dust on furniture.

A mini vacuum is definitely better than tape rollers to remove pet’s hair, I definitely recommend it, however, do you need to invest so much in a Dyson? I don’t know. If I had to buy one again, I’d probably go for the under 100$ handheld vacuums. If you NEED a Dyson, then go for it :) It’s really good. Just a tad too expensive in my opinion.