Fujifilm Instax SP-1 printer and Instax Mini 90

When I went to live in South Korea, I discovered the magic of Fujifilm instax cameras! Before that, I owned a polaroid but it was getting difficult to find film. I like instant films because in the age of digital photos where we can take unlimited photos and retakes, this feels more “precious”. Each picture is more carefully thought and planned, and the result is a total surprise. I’ve had a lot of laughs caused by the result of an instant photo. :)

Anyway, in Korea, I got an Instax Mini 25, which was awesome because it was about the smallest instax camera available but still… so bulky and to take close range pictures, I had to stick some kind of lens adapter on it. Not super convenient! I gave it to my sister and this year, I stumble upon the Instax Mini 90!

I immediately fall in love with the design, it’s looking like a vintage camera and it’s smaller than the Mini 25. It also has a cool double exposure function, though I admit I still have a hard time mastering it. It’s also capable of standing by itself whether in horizontal or vertical position, this is definitely a plus! Like on previous models, it has triggers in different places for convenient reach. A big thumbs up, I recommend.

Now I want to recommend something that every instant film lover should own, especially if you already have a Fujifilm camera: get the Instax SP-1 printer!!! (And more exclamation marks!!!!) I have no idea why I didn’t discover this earlier, but as soon as I saw it, I (almost) ran to the closest BestBuy and got one. Plus, I had found a cheaper price than the price shown online so I had them apply the cheapest price tag. It goes from 150CAD to 200CAD online. So why is this printer so great?

I’ve printed a lot of photos and this almost feels magical! The photos printed won’t be super sharp, they will be similar to pictures taken by Fujifilm instant cameras so it will give your photos a vintage effect. This is one of my favorite object I bought this year, it’s a pleasure to print photos and offer them to friends, go get one for yourself!