Update (May 2013)

I cancelled my account at JustHost. For the first 2 years, it cost me 94.80 USD, so it was pretty cheap. My hosting package was automatically renewed for two years at 191.76 USD! I wasn't aware that I had automatic renewal on this domain. This is the little catch with their low starting price. However, I'm still happy with their services, it was good, they offered support for many things and the cancellation process was very good. I was worried because of bad reviews and people not receiving their money back but I received it instantly and didn't go through a painful process to cancel. As soon as I filled the form, I received 105 USD back on my PayPal account from their billing department. Their anytime money back guarantee is totally true!

I'm now hosted by NameCheap, with their smallest hosting package, because it was enough for this website. It cost me only 66.24 USD for two years! I keep my fingers crossed and I hope their service is as good as justhost.com.

Update (Feb 2011)

I wrote a lot of good about JustHost so it's time for some bad points. I'm hosting another website on my account (~3000 visits a day), and because something went wrong with a WordPress plugin, they just suspended my account without any notice and it took 4-5 hours to have it back. I understand that they suspended the account because the script was using more than 10% of the CPU (TOS violation), but they just suspended it without notice (when a simple solution was to tell me to deactivate the plugin, or deactivate the plugin themselves) and it feels really bad to have a huge "This account has been suspended" for hours on a moderately visited website.

Original post

Uptime for DarineKo.com: 14/06/2010  - 25/12/2010

After a really bad experience at FatCow, I moved to JustHost and so far, the experience has been good. The uptime so far is 99,8%, I don't know much about hosting but for me it's a good performance.

I know there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth and space but this is what JustHost offers. As of now, I've used 1.5 gb of space and about the same amount of monthly bandwidth, there is certainly a limit but for the moment, no problem! ^^ I've been able to set up addon domains, subdomains, to create multiple FTP accounts, to upload large files and to create multiple databases without encountering any problem.

WordPress works like a charm here too so I'd recommend it as a WordPress host. I don't seem to be on the same server as a blacklisted IP since my website SEO has been quite good. My pagerank sucks of course but for some searches, I appear at the first page :)

What I don't like

I must have unsubscribed from everything so I never receive mails from JustHost but what I hate is how the cPanel is polluted with all the ads for their other products and overpriced "additional services" (low cost hosts have to earn money somewhere...). On this matter, I miss the good design of FatCow's vDeck. I rarely use the cPanel so I guess it's ok, but still...