A day in the life of Arya

About 10 days ago it was Arya's 4th birthday, meaning we've been together for 3 years. She has travelled from Seoul to San Francisco, to Vancouver, to Montreal, to Paris, and back to Montreal. I'm so very proud of her :P She's a pretty easy cat, she has never been sick, very rarely vomits, has appetite control, doesn't beg for food, is clean, doesn't scratch furniture, doesn't go crazy too often, she loves humans. Her problem? She bites easily, I know when she's going to bite so I can avoid it, (she doesn't like to be petted) but strangers might be angry and surprised if they try to pet her. Also, she really needs human attention. If friends are at home, she will want to be "in the circle" as well, or be in the middle of the circle. Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of her in Montreal, living with her roommates (they don't get along at all, and I don't think they ever will... fortunately, the house is big enough). Love you Arya!! :D

Morning - she won't get up until we get up.

She likes some alone time to watch outside. She spots the squirrels or humans roaming outside.

Whatever you're doing, she wants to be close and watch you.

She loves bags.

Meet Willow and Nessie, her roommates. Willow loves this kitchen chair in the morning because it's very sunny. Nessie likes lazying around all day, like all cats do.

Willow gets curious and sometimes want to befriend Arya but she won't hear it.

Night time - it's cuddle time for Arya. Get into bed, call her, she'll come immediately for cuddles and after a while she'll be tired and just sleep next to you.