Perler beads

I got sucked into a new hobby: fuse beads/perler beads/hama beads. It’s like real life pixel art. It’s very time consuming and I am myself surprised I get the patience to work on those! I’m reproducing templates I see online, but my Boba Fett is pretty custom! I used the same outline as another model online but I didn’t like the general look so I tweaked it using movie reference images. I really like the result!

I recommend using Perler beads because Hama beads melt so quickly. Unfortunately, in nearby stores, I’ve only found Hama. The most difficult part of the process in my opinion is ironing. I find it very difficult to have the beads melt uniformly everywhere. The designs also end up slightly bent sometimes. I also wonder how people make coasters with those beads because I find them pretty slippery if I try to put a glass on them…?

I was almost going to code a Perler template generator but found a great one over at: