Twenty eleven wrap up

Today is already the last day of 2011. Incredible! Didn't see it coming. Really. 2011 started really badly but ends great. Haven't posted a lot over the past few months but I'll catch up soon! Can't wait for 2012, it's the dragon year. My sign!

1 January

2 February

3 March

4 April

5 May

6 June

7 July

8 August

9 September

10 October

11 November

12 December

I'm sure I forgot a lot of things about 2011 but I have tons of projects for 2012 and I definitely need to catch up with posts! HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!

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  1. Son 7 January 2012 at 09:48:35

    Good luck for 2012 resolutions~

    You're gonna need it.

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