Twenty Sixteen wrap up

A super late 2016 conclusion. I think we can all agree that 2016 SUCKED in terms of world news. The first three months were pretty uneventful for me. My SO and I spent the end of the winter looking for a place to move in together. End of March, after countless visits, we finally found a place we love!

In May, great news, I got a YES from Québec immigration which meant I can proceed to the federal part of the application. This was such a relief. Each tiny step in the immigration process feels like a victory.

I visited the US three times, once in San Diego for a meetup with my pod, once in New York and once in Atlanta for the company summit and tourism. I don’t think I’ll be able to go in 2017.

In June, we finally moved in and bought our very first furniture! I’ve never owned a couch before! Now I own 2! Yay yay! The moving went smoothly, we coordinated so that we moved our stuff in the morning and the furnitures we bought arrived in the afternoon. Friends helped us unpack and assemble the furniture in record time! By night, everything was assembled.

My sister and my cousin visited us for a whole 2 months and my poor cousin was a victim of a hit and run. She was on a bike and a car turned on the red light. We experienced what it’s like to have no insurance and go to the emergency room: not fun :/ It also was the first time of my life I had to call 911. I hope I don’t have to do this ever again. It felt really disturbing.

We also had a big big water leak in our new place, unfortunately! Nothing can be too perfect :) It was a very long and eventful summer.

I sent my PR application in July and in December, I finally had the medical exam. My wish for 2017: get Canadian residency! It would be the bestest news ever.

End of 2016 is full of great movies, I loved Dr Strange, Arrival, and Rogue One, I can’t wait to see Moana. Discovered great new shows like Stranger Things and Westworld which I totally didn’t expect to like. 2016 is my year of adulting, but I still kill plants and hate cooking. Again, we spent Christmas in France but I think it’s going to be the last: I want to visit Paris in the summer again! I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in France for ages.

Hoping 2017 will be great!