Twenty Thirteen wrap up

I can’t believe 2013 is coming to an end! Time keeps going faster every year... Since last year, I started feeling like Seoul was home, and got too comfortable so I left! I am saying goodbye to South Korea for now but I really enjoyed my time there so I definitely want to go back in the future.

This year, I stayed for 3 months in Palo Alto, and it was pretty exciting to be outside of Asia after all those years spent travelling in the East...very expensive though! In July, I went on a road trip around the west coast and now, I just can’t wait to have another opportunity to visit national parks in the US! I didn’t get to see and experience everything on my bucket list in the US, so I really can’t wait to go back! It’s too bad the immigration process is so complicated…! Anyway, I applied at the green card lottery so wish me luck! :D

From August to December, I was in Montreal and I’m really glad I stopped there! I really like this city, I think it would be a nice place to settle! It’s the perfect mix of America/Europe in my opinion. Definitely want to go back as well.

Since December, I’m back in Paris and I’ve been enjoying time with my family. I want to take some time to travel around Europe, because I actually haven't been in a lot of countries close to home!

Again, mixed feelings about 2013. I lost people I love, but I’ve also caught up with people I missed. Because of all the travelling, it feels kind of lonely not to be settled somewhere, but well, 2014 is a new chapter! On a personal level, 2013 was more downs than ups, so I’m looking forward to 2014.

Happy new year!!