At the clubs

I never take out my camera in clubs, too scared of damaging it and people are busy dancing at clubs anyway. Here are a few shots I took in two Hongdae clubs. I'll sound boring but I'm not a clubbing person. When I tell people I live in Hongdae, they always picture me as a party animal, but no, clubs aren't the reason I chose Hongdae, haha. I like going to clubs to dance only when I have extra energy to let out, haha. It's a way to let off steam. And it's always better and funnier with close friends of course.

Otherwise, I don't like the sweaty crowd, the cigarettes, clumsy people with drinks, and smelling like shit when I go to sleep. I personally prefer Gangnam clubs, though Club Vera in Hongdae is not bad~

TingTings, Hongdae

Update: this became Gogos2.

Free entrance. It's always the same music here, seriously, and it repeats several times throughout the night. The only good things are the cheap drinks (3000 wons for a Gin Tonic). A lot of foreigners.

Club FF, Hongdae

It's just next to the TingTings, the entrance is 10,000 wons because they have concerts here~ Indie, rock, etc. The drinks aren't too expensive (4000 wons for a Gin Tonic). I prefer it over the TingTings for sure, because of the music :) Pretty much foreigners too.

Actually, I went to this club to take pictures of singer Justin Patrick (he performed with two of his friends), for whom I'm doing a website soon. :) It a fun evening and I got to meet new nice people.