Hongdae exit 5

I'm writing about Hongdae Exit 5 because this is where I live and if you come to Seoul, it's a must-see/must-be place. Hongdae area is surrounded by 4 big universities (Hongik, Yonsei, Sogang, Ewha) so this is where the youth is. It's also a famous shopping area and well known for its clubs. I can't count the number of clubs here. Anyway, when people have to meet, they'll wait at exit 5, most of the time.

Famous Hongdae Exit 5 is becoming Exit 9 because of the AREX! Now you can go directly from the airport to Hongdae. Below is a picture of an incredible singer. This was the second time I saw him in Hongdae, the first time, he was singing on the famous playground. He has an amazing voice and sings accent-free. Love his Beatles & Coldplay songs.

A Manoffin shop (muffins & coffee) has opened in the station!

eSpoir is replacing The Face Shop. Korean people were crazy at the inauguration, because Julian Kang was here. I don't know who it is.

eSpoir is the newest cosmetics chain here in South Korea, but contrary to other shops, they're using a foreigner to promote it ! American actress Leighton Meester is the face of eSpoir (sorry, I don't know her either), but other brands use Korean idols. eSpoir wants to give a "Western feel" to its brand and we know Western sells well in Asia. :)

I liked The Face Shop but despite its good location, the exit 5 shop was always pretty empty. Let's see how eSpoir works.