Tim Burton exhibition

The Tim Burton exhibition was super successful! It lasted from 12.12.12 to 14.04.13 and I don’t know how many people visited but I always saw a lot of people in front of the museum and all my friends told me it was crowded when they went there.

I’ve been there a Saturday, and we had to wait one hour before getting in. The first queue, outside, was to buy the tickets. The queue looked impressive but it took only about 20 minutes to reach the tickets booths. Afterwards, we had to get inside the museum and get a number. A certain number range was allowed inside the rooms. We waited one hour and finally got in but even inside, the crowd made it difficult to really enjoy the exhibition. Still, the drawings and works of Tim Burton are really incredible! And when we left, we visited the shop, almost everything was sold out. I managed to get a poster for my friend, it was only 15000 KRW.

Taking pictures was forbidden so I won’t post too much :)