Lille is only 1 hour away from Paris by train so it’s a perfect day trip. The travel starts at Paris Gare du Nord and ends at the gare de Lille Flandres, which is right in the historical city center.

A quick walk and you’re already at “la Grand Place”, the old Stock Exchange, the main square, with its shops and cafés.

Then we went up the “beffroi” (belfry in english?), I didn’t even know that word in French until I visited Lille :) It’s a super tall tower next to the town hall. There’s an elevator to go up, but it was super scary (I hate elevators), so we went down by stairs. We had a nice view but too bad the surrounding newer housing buildings are ugly.

We spent the afternoon walking around town and it was pretty cold. There are a ton of shops with cool items (but they were expensive). We also stopped by the iconic waffle shop Meert. We also stumbled upon the cathedral but I’m not fond of the modern style.

We ate at:

Café du Bois
34, rue de la Baignerie, 59000 Lille, France

N'Autre Monde
1 bis, rue du Curé Saint Etienne, 59000 Lille, France

27 Rue Esquermoise, 59800 Lille, France